Anxious Thoughts

“Put aside all anxious thoughts and be at peace.” ~ Francis de Sales …

Peace is often difficult to find in life, especially with all the distractions and anxieties of this modern world. And even after we do find some peace, it is equally difficult to hold onto it. But with practice and determination, peace can be something that we embrace in our lives whenever we need it. Essentially, it all boils down to a decision we choose to make–the choice to empty our minds of all anxious thoughts right here, right now.

We have all experienced tragedies, calamities, failures, and setbacks in life. But the past does not define our present. And in the near future, life will almost certainly throw us a curve ball or two. Yet we do not have to let any of this sour our perception of the here and now. The simple fact is that we each have our own unique duties and requirements to fulfill today. And if we allow ourselves to retain a certain level of focus on those things, our cares, concerns, and anxieties will lessen, for we are busy with the task at hand instead of what may or may not be in front of us tomorrow.

Do not concern yourself with things in the past… they are behind you. Do not worry about the things of tomorrow… they may never come to be. You are exactly as you are at this moment, and there are duties that today requires of you. Focus on them with determination and purpose. Let go of your anxieties, and peace and happiness will come to rest in their stead. It is your choice how you want to approach each day of your life–anxiously and stressfully… or calmly and peacefully.

Let go of the anxieties you are carrying around.

Questions to consider:

How difficult is it for you to find peace in your life?

How can focusing on the present help to keep you from feeling anxiety?

Do you have a dependence on the future? Why? How might you work your way out of it?

For further thought:

“Anxiety uses imagination to picture something you don’t want. Vision uses imagination to picture something you do want. Either way, you tend to get what you focus on. Imagine a future where you shine, others thrive, and the light of hope shines brighter in the world. If you can see it, you can be it.” ~ Ian Lawton


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