True Talents

“I believe a “talented” person is one who has learned how to effectively cultivate and polish any of the many desirable capabilities with which most of us are born but few of us nurture.” ~ Marilyn Vos Savant …

We are all have talents–some we are born with, some we have acquired. They can be personal skills or strengths–something we are exceptional at such as the skill to throw a curveball or to run several miles. They can be an ability–something we are capable of such as the ability to judge a person’s character. They can even be a quality in which we were born with–such as the quality of being a compassionate person or a good listener. The thing is, all our talents are wasted if we never cultivate, polish, and nurture them.

Our talents have the potential to add great beauty into this world. I love to listen to the skilled musicians and singers. I love watching the talented actors, athletes, and entertainers. They have developed their talents and taken them to another level, turning them into something that benefits others and can serve to inspire.

But fortune, fame, or power, are not a necessity of talent–for not all talents are meant to be shared with the entire world. Sometimes our talents are best used humbly, lifting our own spirits, or touching a single life that is reaching out for help. It often seems that our talents are the perfect answer to the troubles and difficulties found in lives of those closest to us.

What are some of the talents you possess? How do you grow those talents? How do you put them to use? There is great potential within us–but if we fail to grow, nurture, and use our talents, we will be left with an emptiness inside. There will be a part of our puzzle missing, and the world will be that much darker because of it.

Make a list of five true talents that you have.

Questions to consider:

How do you nurture and develop your talents?

Can you think of any times when you have not used your talents to their full potential? Why?

How might we make more time in our lives to devote to our talents?

For further thought:

“Talent is God given. Be humble.
Fame is man given. Be grateful.
Conceit is self given. Be careful.” ~ John Wooden


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