“Our Deepest Longing”

“Love is our deepest longing. Just as the body needs food the soul needs love–it is nourishment, spiritual nourishment. Without the food, air, and water, the body will deteriorate; without love the soul starts shrinking. And everybody is living with a very small soul for the simple reason that they have not loved. And why have they not loved? If you inquire into the question you will be surprised, because for the whole of their life everybody is trying to get love. But people are trying to get, not to give, and the law of love is that you get only when you give. Giving comes first, getting is only a consequence.” ~ Osho …

When it comes to physical nourishment–eating food and drinking water–we seldom give it any thought at all. Throughout the day, we feed ourselves at the slightest sense of hunger. Yet when it comes to nourishing our souls, often times we make little time for it–we fail to feed our souls for days, weeks, months at a time. It is a bit perplexing how we can ignore that eternal part of ourselves–how we can hide away our desire–and our need–to love and be loved in return.

Osho explains here, that to grow our souls, we have only to love. However, in order to receive love, we must first give it–that is the law of love. But that should be easy; after all, it is “our deepest longing.” Nevertheless, we must first be receptive of that longing. We must slow down and allow ourselves to be aware of the deficit–or surplus–of love in our lives, so that we may then nurture it.

When we look at giving and receiving love as a vital and necessary component to the life of our souls, it allows us to focus on ways to make that love flow more freely from us. And after we are able to give of our love more openly and unconditionally to others, we can then find ways to become more receptive to the love of others being poured forth into our own lives. Thus, the love we give flows back to us.

Allow love to touch your soul. Today, as you provide physical nourishment for our body by eating, being active, and getting proper rest… and you provide intellectual nourishment for your mind by reading, listening to music, and spending time in reflection and prayer… make the effort to remind yourself to also provide spiritual nourishment by giving love to all those around you. If you are able to do so, I am confident that your heart will be at peace in each and every moment of the day.

For every minute you spend eating today, allocate an equal amount of time to sharing love with those around you.

Questions to consider:

How often do you nourish your soul?

Is it easy for you to give and receive love?

How easy is it to stay focused on all our needs–physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual?

For further thought:

“The nourishment of the body is food, while the nourishment of the soul is feeding others.” ~ Imam Ali (AS)


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