Remain Focused

“What is behind your eyes holds more power than what is in front of them.” ~ Gary Zukav …

This is so true indeed! Our value and our worth is beyond measure. Yet many of us tend to place our worth outside of ourselves–on how we perceive ourselves, or even worse, on how others perceive us. But our beauty already lies within us. It is there in our hearts… in the way we treat ourselves and the way we treat others. It is there in our minds… in the wholesome knowledge and understanding we gain. It is there in our words… those that lift others up, those that spread kindness and love. It is there in our actions… in the concern we show to others and the goodness we pour forth into the world.

Society teaches us at a young age to rely on others to tell us that we are valuable and worthwhile. Therefore, we tend to seek out–and believe–the perceptions of those around us, as if it were the only confirmation of our value. Unfortunately, though, we are never taught to tell ourselves this very same thing–that we are valuable and worthwhile–and believe it.

We do not need others to confirm our value–we were worthwhile from the very moment we were created. Recognize this truth within your life. Allow your true self–the one that does not need the approval of others–to shine forth for all to see. Each day, yell out to the world, “This is the authentic me! This is who I am! The beautiful, incredible soul within this body.”

Remain focused on your inherent worth throughout the day.

Questions to consider:

What power do you have behind your eyes? How do you use it?

Why is it often difficult for us to recognize and acknowledge our own value?

Why do we tend to lean on others to validate our worth and value in life?

For further thought:

“The hardest battle you’re ever going to fight is the battle to be just you.” ~ Leo F. Buscaglia


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