Ripple Effect

“To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi …..

Our prayers are a powerful force of good in this world. In fact, it is our prayers, often times, that are the very spark for the fire of kindness found within ourselves and those around us. But most importantly, it is through those necessary acts of kindness, that all of the love in this world grows from. Thus, as Mahatma says, our ability “to give pleasure, even to a single heart,” is a difference-maker in this world. It is perhaps the greatest duty we have as spiritual beings here on Earth.

The beauty of giving joy to others through our acts of kindness is that it brings lasting happiness back to us. When others are in their most desperate times of need, and we gift to them hope and joy, some of that joy and happiness spills on us. It additionally creates a ripple effect of kindness that lifts the spirits and moods of all those around us.

Do not do it to get attention or recognition… for much of the happiness available to you will be lost and the momentary pleasure you find will be fleeting. Instead, do things for others out of love, out of genuine caring concern, out of a sense of personal fulfillment. Bring a smile to someone today. Gift a hug or lend a helping hand to someone in need. The pleasure you bring to others will always come back to you.

Give pleasure to the hearts of those around you with acts of kindness.

Questions to consider:

What is true pleasure? Has your definition of it changed at all over the years?

How can you help to increase the joy and happiness in the world today?

What are some of the benefits of bringing joy and happiness to others in a completely selfless way?

For further thought:

“Let us sometimes live–be it only for an hour, and though we must lay all else aside–to make others smile. The sacrifice is only in appearance; no one finds more pleasure for oneself than the person who knows how, without ostentation, to give him or herself to procure for those around them a moment of forgetfulness and happiness.” ~ Charles Wagner


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