Money Language

“Money won’t make you happy… but everybody wants to find out for themselves.” ~ Zig Ziglar …

Although there are many things that money can buy that can get us close to happiness, most of us can agree that that happiness is fleeting. And one of the main reasons for this is because our happiness comes from inside us–from a place where nothing like money can affect us. Thus, our perception of money is truly the only place where happiness and contentment can be found.

When I was a child, my idea of being rich was having a job. My idea of money consisted of something like this:
$5 = allowance for doing housework and chores on days when I was good. A dollar netted me about an hour worth of candy at the local convenience store.
$20 = Money I received from my grandparents and godparents on my birthday.
$100 = About the total amount I have saved up in my piggy bank.
$1000 = Amount of money in a savings account my parents opened up for me that I could not use.

Fast forward to now and it looks something like this:
$5 = The cost to eat an incomplete meal for myself only.
$20 = The cost of gas for few days driving.
$100 = The cost of a few days worth of groceries for my family.
$1000 = Almost enough to cover housekeeping for the month.

As we grow older, our needs for money change. Activities for the kids, tuition, doctor bills… the list goes on and on. And although the amount of money we need changes over time, our perception of how necessary it is in our lives does not have to change–for we truly only need enough to be able to get by. And when we allow ourselves to place our trust in God and life, and believe in our hearts that we are deserving of financial stability and that our abundance is ours to share, we will come to know happiness and peace.

Come up with a rewarding way to spend one dollar today and then go for it.

Questions to consider:

Think of a time money has recently bought you happiness? How long did that happiness last?

Why is it difficult for us to change our belifs about money?

How might you go about changing some of them to our benefit?

For further thought:

“Money is like any other language through which people communicate. People who speak the same language tend to find each other. If you are one whose money speaks of protection and hoarding, you will find yourself involved with others whose money speaks the same language. You will be staring at each other with hooded eyes and closed fists and suspicion will be your common value. If your money speaks of sharing, you will find yourself among people who want their money to speak the language of sharing, and your world will be filled with possibility.” ~ Kent Nerburn


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