“It is foolish to try to shape the World; shape yourself as the embodiment of Peace, Love, and Reverence. Then you will see all as Love, Compassion, and Humility.” ~ Atharva Veda …

Trying to shape the world into something we would like it to be is an exercise in futility. For one thing, everyone has their own free will to make the choices they feel are best for themselves; thus, trying to control the choices and decisions of others is quite impossible. Secondly, the world is filled with so many unknowns and constantly changing things; and if we try to place our purpose on changing or controlling the world around us, we will have little luck and will soon see ourselves trapped beneath an avalanche of insurmountable tasks. Instead of trying to shape the world, Atharva tells us that our energy is best spent shaping ourselves into something with great purpose, such as “the embodiment of Peace, Love, and Reverence.” We do have the power to change ourselves, so why not?

When we walk with peace, love, and reverence, we begin to bring great riches and prosperity into ourselves. And as we create an abundance of these riches–peace, love, and reverence–they begin to overflow from our own cup and fill the world around us. It is through this building up of ourselves that we begin to lift ourselves and those around us out of a life of poverty–a life that is void of love, compassion, and humility.

Living a life of peace, love, and reverence is the shortest path to finding fulfillment and happiness. Think of how wonderful it feels to be able to touch the life of someone you love who is in need… and just imagine how wonderful it would be if you were able to do so every day of your life. Instead of worrying about changing others, taking on the troubles of this world, or other similarly endless matters, we have the ability to place our focus somewhere in which it can make a difference–on knowing peace within our hearts, on loving other human beings and ourselves, and on revering all that exists in this beautiful world.

Because we are eternal beings, it is important that we work on the eternal aspects of life and who we are. Life is but a short journey on our way home. And someday when we pass from this life to the next, much of what we possess will be left behind. However, things like our peace, love, and reverence will continue with us… and that truly is time well spent.

Build up the peace, love, and reverence within yourself today.

Questions to consider:

How can we shape ourselves as “the embodiment of Peace, Love, and Reverence?”

What kinds of things keep us from focusing on peace, love, and reverence in our lives?

How can we develop our ability to keep our minds and hearts focused on peace, love, and reverence?

For further thought:

“Just as white light consists of colored rays, so reverence for life contains all the components of ethics: love, kindliness, sympathy, empathy, peacefulness, and power to forgive.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

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