Rainbow Gardener

“Next time you encounter someone in pain, don’t just wince and pass by with a shrug. Hurting people need a bit of color to brighten their dark places, and they need to remember the promise that God is with them right where they are. Where rainbows grow, angels sing and courage becomes contagious. You can be a rainbow gardener by opening your heart even if you’re in pain yourself.” ~ Barbara Johnson …

We all experience pain in our lives–pain that is difficult to face, to endure, and to overcome on our own. How wonderful it is that we have each other to help us carry our burdens–shoulders to cry upon, arms to wrap us in a caring embrace, words to bring us comfort, and friendship to bring us healing. Yet when we are going through times of difficulty and pain, we must remember how challenging it can be for us to see that God is there with us–that there is an end in sight and that there is still beauty all around us in life. Therefore, we must task ourselves with being a beacon of hope for all others in our lives… even when we ourselves are in pain.

This can be a difficult task, but rewarding nonetheless. When we act out of compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters, we add beautiful “rainbows” into a world that can often times seem dreary and dark–rainbows that go on to brighten the very world we are immersed in.

Of course, compassion is not blind acceptance of other’s bad behavior. Doing so only enables that bad behavior to persist and negatively affect the world around them–quite the opposite result of true compassion. In such situations, we must try to understand where others are coming from and help them overcome their bad behavior by being a positive resource for change. Our guidance can help them to gain an awareness of their issues so that they may then begin to deal with them in a healthy way.

Compassion is the light that shines into the dark areas of life. It serves to dispel the darkness around us and brings hope to those who need it. What kind of world do you wish to live in? Can you bring joy to the lives of others and in turn into your own? Can you be that lighthouse for others out in the dark and foggy sea of life?

Be there for those who need you today.

Questions to consider:

Why might we be afraid to show compassion? Is this fear justified?

What are some ways in which you can develop your ability to show compassion?

What is the difference between being a compassionate person and a weak person who others take advantage of?

For further thought:

“Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth, and your heart for love.” ~ Unknown


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