Build “Bridges” Not “Walls”

“People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.” ~ Joseph F. Newton …

Of course, we all generally prefer comfort, safety, and security in our lives. So much so, that we sometimes dig ourselves into ruts and build up walls around our hearts to protect ourselves from the pains and difficulties we might face. Unfortunately, when we do this, we are simply increasing the distance between our self and others–we are building up walls instead of bridges that would bring us closer to those in our life. And by isolating ourselves and embracing the idea that we are unlovable, we only serve to maintain our sense of loneliness.

Building up walls and maintaining barriers is a perpetual cycle of loneliness. Our efforts to avoid pain are the very thing that keeps love out of our life. Sure, it can hurt to love–to open our hearts up to others. Sometimes we are rejected; other times we are passed on for another, left with a melancholy longing; and eventually we may be faced with losing that person to the hands of time. But by keeping love out, we are effectively isolating one of the greatest feelings we as humans can experience in life, and no amount of security can replace that.

The higher we build our walls, the longer and harder it becomes to tear them down. Know that love is all around you… all the time. Seek it out, and build bridges to that love so that you can experience it often. It can be such a beautiful part of our lives if we allow it to be so. But if we do not, it can be a source of frustration and pain, and perhaps even the means to our own damnation.

Make it a point to allow as much love as possible into your life today.

Questions to consider:

Do you build walls around your heart? Why?

How can you go about building “bridges” to help love in instead of “walls” to keep love out? What positive things might come from this?

What can you learn about your ability to love by observing your relationships with others?

For further thought:

“When we have difficult relationships, God often uses them as gifts in our lives–to shape us, conform us to His Son, and make us gutsier and stronger.” ~ Mary DeMuth, The Wall Around Your Heart


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