Face Challenges With Enthusiasm And Confidence

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” ~English proverb …

I have not spent much time sailing; however, I have spent hundreds of hours swimming in water. And one thing I have learned through my experiences in the water is that swimming is not always easy. It sometimes requires an enormous amount of effort on our part for long periods of time so as not to drown. Many years ago, when I was swimming in the Ethiope River, I lost footing of the ground below me and began being swept downstream. I had two choices, swim to shore, or fight the current and swim back upstream. I chose to swim upstream. It took all of roughly 45 seconds to take every last bit of energy out of me, and I just made the distance back to the sand bar. Had I given up, I would have been carried downstream. Life is filled with similar experiences… and although the majority of us do not hope for difficulties and challenges in our lives, they will still come our way. And when they do, we have the ability to rise to the occasion and meet them head on, or to cower away–to attempt to avoid them and perhaps get carried downstream. Only the first option provides us with the potential for true personal growth.

How do you respond to the challenges in your life? Do you see them as potential for growth, or as a curse? Every challenge we face holds within it the seeds of opportunity–learning, growth, understanding, confidence. But we have to face them and overcome them.

Life will present us with difficulties; do not be discouraged. Remember that learning is something we do throughout our lives. And in the midst of those challenges, we will grow and better prepare ourselves to meet the difficulties we will face later in our lives.

Face the challenges of today with enthusiasm and confidence.

Questions to consider:

How might we embrace a positive perspective of the challenges we face?

How do you prepare yourself for the challenges you face?

What can be learned from the daily challenges that come our way?

For further thought:

“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” ~Joshua J. Marine


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