Listen To Your Inner Voice

“How can you hear your soul if everyone is talking?” ~Mary Doria Russell …

In this day and age, it is rather difficult to listen to ourselves over the noises of the outside world. With the abundance of information constantly being fed to us through computers, internet, TV, email, phones, advertisements, and all things of the sort, it becomes quite difficult for us to find a time and a place where we can be alone with ourselves. Yet solitude is a very important part of who we are; it is something wonderful that we can gift ourselves with so that we might come to understand ourselves better–our dreams, desires, goals, purpose.

Being in tune with our soul is something that is beneficial to both ourselves, and the world around us. It means acceptance of who we are and what we bring to this world. It means an understanding and direction of the journey we are on in life. It means creativity and purpose. I do not honestly know how I could focus on finding fulfillment in life without being able to speak with, and listen to, my soul.

Our view of being alone can speak volumes on where we are in life. If we associate loneliness with being alone, then perhaps we have not spent enough time truly listening to our souls. On the other hand, if we see being alone as an opportunity–a chance to embrace the solitude of our souls–then most likely we are truly listening to the voice within.

Spend some quiet time alone today listening to your inner voice.

Questions to consider:

Do you view your time alone as a time of solitude or a time of loneliness? How might you go about changing your perspective?

Can you think of some more positive ways to embrace your time alone?

How often do you find the opportunity to spend time alone? Why might this be so difficult?

For further thought:

“We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private: and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.” ~C.S. Lewis


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