“Common Sense”

“A nickels worth of common sense is worth more than a college education.” ~Tom Krause …

Most of us know of someone–who although may have plenty of knowledge from years of study and perhaps a college education–possess very little common sense at all. Generally, these individuals have dedicated vast amounts of their time and energy studying, learning, and memorizing information in their subject matter. And often times they get so caught up in the pursuit of knowledge, that they deprive themselves of the opportunities to gain more of the “common sense” and wisdom that allows us to live our lives in a balanced, practical, compassionate way.

The truth is that all the education in the world is useless if we are not able to see the needs of others around us. That means that all the analytical skills in the world, are less valuable than “a nickels worth of common sense,” if we are not able to connect with other humans on a personal level–focusing on their individual needs and desires rather than on analyzing their problems and coming up with causes rooted in their childhood. For this reason, no amount of medical knowledge in this world could ever surpass the healing power and potential of a smile or a hug.

Our societies glorify information. Those who possess the most are said to be the brightest, smartest, and most capable among us. But on the day we pass from this earth, it will matter not how much information I memorized or how much knowledge I discovered, created, or absorbed. What will matter is how effectively I was able to touch the lives of others in a positive and real way.

Spend some time observing others who exhibit great common sense and try to emulate their actions.

Questions to consider:

Is common sense really all that common? Who has it? How do they use it? How does that affect their lives and the lives of those around them?

Think of someone you know who does not use much common sense. What is their life like?

Why do we generally work so hard to develop our formal education, yet spend very little time developing our common sense?

For further thought:

“Common sense is that which judges the things given to it by other senses.” ~Leonardo Da Vinci


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