His Presence

“The majority of people are not awake; it is only here and there that we find one even partially awake. Practically all of us, as a result, are living lives that are unworthy almost the name of lives, compared to those we might be living, and that lie within our easy grasp. While it is true that each life is in and of Divine Being, hence always one with it, in order that this great fact bear fruit in individual lives, each one must be conscious of it; he or she must know it in thought, and then live continually in this consciousness.” ~Ralph Waldo Trine …

God’s presence is all around us every moment of the day. Are we aware of it? Do we recognize it? Do we accept it into our lives? When we are able to do so, we begin to live our lives with the knowledge and constant awareness that we are a part of God’s divinity–that we are holy souls, individually created with unique purpose.

Our oneness with God is a fact of our lives that many of us refuse to live. We fool ourselves into thinking that we are separate from God and somehow unworthy of His love, but the fact is that God is in each of us, and since that is true, we are living lives that are connected to all other lives. All major religious scholars and leaders speak of this connection in some degree or another. It exists… and most of us can sense it in our hearts. Therefore, the question is… are we aware of it? Do we recognize the feeling for what it is and do we honor that knowledge through the life we live?

Being constantly aware of God within us is something that many of us struggle with. As we get caught up in the day-to-day interactions of our lives, we lose focus and forget about that holy part of ourselves. And as we lose awareness of the holiness within, we begin to act less in line with how we would like to act. In other words, our consciousness seems to fade.

Recognize that you are a part of the “Divine Being,” and strive to keep an awareness of this truth throughout the day. In being aware of our divinity with God, we begin to treat ourselves as divine creatures, and others as they deserve to be treated. Additionally, we come to acknowledge our value and worth as human beings.

Take some time to become aware of the presence of God in your life.

Questions to consider:

Why do we often deny the “Divine Being” that is a part of us?

How can you help grow in awareness and recognition of the holiness within you?

If we truly have oneness with the Divine Being, then which is most important: our connection with Him… or the other things that we make a part of our lives?

For further thought:

“The success of God’s work through you is intimately related to the reality of His presence with you.” ~God-Still-speaks.com


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