Pure Happiness

“The primary thing that people are going to try to take away from you is the purity of your happiness. Rare is it to find in someone a pure happiness. A happiness so innocent, so spontaneous and so raw… it is the way we are born but it is most often not the way that we die. The world comes in and tries to take that away from you. People come in and try to take that away from you. I have learned not to jump into the pigsty with them. You have to protect the purity of your happiness and the innocence of your joy. People WILL try to take it away. Don’t go there, don’t let them. Keep what is yours.” ~C. JoyBell C. …

What is pure happiness? Surely, I have had it before as a child. Was it when I played outside without a care in the world? Was it the lack of worries and stress in my life? Was it the innocence of childhood? Whatever it is, I am not so sure that I have lost it, or that anyone of us loses pure happiness for that matter. I think we just lose our awareness of it and forget about it, or perhaps give it less importance than it deserves in our lives. And when I think of all the happiness I have given up in my life for the world–for societal standards, for others who perhaps are envious of me, for the misunderstood demands of work or life, or for many other reasons within my control–I feel a deep sense of sadness. For I have partially lost sight of something that is so beautiful, and so readily available to me from within.

Recently, we celebrated the birthday of one of my children. I remember how excited she was throughout the entire day–friends coming to see her, playing fun little games, opening gifts and eating cake. The joy she experienced was so special to her, and to me, and I thought, “Why can’t I experience such pure happiness?” And the simple answer is… “I can!” I do not even need a reason… only the desire to feel happy, content, joyful, satisfied, and at peace with the world and my life.

Remember some of the joy you experienced as a child. Seek out pure happiness with an authentic heart. Find it in others, and share in that happiness. Give of it from within and you will receive back. Most of all, remember that you do not need anyone else’s permission to experience joy and happiness in life. It is already yours.

Happiness is so important in our lives… take a moment to find some today.

Questions to consider:

What is pure happiness to you? Have you experienced any lately?

In what ways does the world take away from your happiness? Do you have to let the world do so?

How can you keep the happiness that is yours?

For further thought:

“Taking care of yourself is the most powerful way to begin to take care of others.” ~Bryant McGill


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