Tune Into Abundance

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” ~Wayne Dyer …

What is abundance to you? Perhaps you see it as something to be acquired such as great wealth, power, or renown. Or, perhaps you see it is as Wayne does, as something that already exists, something that we have only to “tune into” to realize–such as the love of family, the caring concern of friends, and the blessings surrounding us in life. The latter view is the key to finding and embracing abundance within our lives, for it requires no prerequisites and is freely available to us all.

Unfortunately, many individuals in this world do not recognize the abundance available to them in their lives. They feel that their families are a burden, or they do not appreciate their jobs, or they waste their days wishing for greater wealth such as a lavish home or accumulating material things such as a new automobile. But for every one of these individuals, there are just as many who would love to be able to have a family or parents, or would love to have the opportunity to work for decent pay and working conditions, or would love to have any place to call home or transportation to get to and from places easier.

We each have the opportunity to recognize the abundance available to us in our own lives. We have only to choose to open our eyes and acknowledge that abundance for what it is–immeasurable blessings and treasures right there before us. In this regard, our abundance in life truly depends on our ability to “tune into” these treasures and approach life with an attitude of gratitude, appreciation, and joy.

Take time today to recognize the abundance already available to your life.

Questions to consider:

How can abundance in our lives be a matter of choice… of something we can choose to “tune into?”

Are you receptive to all the things that the universe has to give to you? Do you put up any barriers to keep things out? How can you improve your receptivity?

Are there things in your life that you consider to be signs of abundance?

For further thought:

“People individually and collectively are entitled to life in all abundance. El Dorado, a country rich beyond all precedent in gold and jewels, lies at every person’s door. Your bonanza lies under your feet. Your luck is already at hand. All is within; nothing is without.” ~Herbert Seibert


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