Seek Wisdom

“We seem to be drowning in information, but we are starving for wisdom.” ~Edward Osborne Wilson …

Am I starving for wisdom? Do I ever allow myself to take a moment to reflect and perhaps gain some wisdom from the day? With all our technological advances, I am often surprised that my days have not become simpler. In general, I still find myself spending much more time than I would like to absorbing pointless information. But what if I were better able to focus my energies each day? What if I spent more of my time strengthening my wisdom, getting in touch with my inner self and my feelings, understanding my divinity, and defining my purpose and meaning in life?

Information is just data that has very little relevance to who and what we are–spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Perhaps it can help us to achieve good grades, or hold a conversation, or obtain praise from others, but the fact is that it will never have the capacity to satisfy our hunger for the wisdom we seek and it rarely serves any real purpose outside of our work.

Take a moment to observe the world around you. There is wisdom to be gained in the beauty of a sunset or the waves crashing upon the shore. And there is wisdom to be discovered within our daily interactions with one another. The world speaks to us–not always in words or sounds, but in signs and symbols. And if we can slow down and pay attention to all that is around us here and now, we can gain both wisdom and a better understanding of our life and our purpose. The message is there for us… as constant as the beating of our hearts. We just have to listen for it.

Spend some time seeking wisdom today.

Questions to consider:

Why do we rarely stop to look and listen?

What are some ways in which we can make it easier to seek wisdom in life?

When was the last time you stopped to notice something you do not normally examine closely?

For further thought:

“What you seek is seeking you.” ~Rumi


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