The Grace

“Grace isn’t a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It’s a way to live.” ~Jacqueline Winspear …

Saying grace before a meal is a wonderful way to reflect upon the fact that we are blessed to have food before us to eat–for there are many who do not. Yet grace is even more… it is an attitude of gratitude… it is a way to live your life showing appreciation and thanks to God and to others. It is the knowledge that everything we have and every day we live is precious, and that nothing lasts forever.

I awoke this morning to find a whole day ahead of me… of this, I am thankful. I have eaten today… of this, I am thankful. I am not sick, can function, and enjoy relative health… enough so to play tennis today… of this, I am thankful.

Every time I allow myself to feel gratitude for the infinitely many gifts in my life… they become that much richer. Say grace before your meal today… and then say grace seventy times seven times more.

Say grace for something other than a meal today.

Questions to consider:

Is thankfulness dependent upon others or could it truly be a way to live?

Do you pray before meals? If so, why?

What are some things you could say grace for right now?

For further thought:

“Thanksgiving Day is only our annual time for saying grace at the table of eternal goodness.” ~James M. Ludlow


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