Natural Cycles

“All things grow, flourish, die, and re-grow. Life and death are continuous and fluid. Like the Sun and the Moon which die and are reborn, so do the seasons and all living things.” ~Brandi Bates …

All of life is filled with seasons. Seasons of birth and newness, seasons of growth and expansion, seasons of maturity and understanding, seasons of giving back and sharing, and seasons of endings and death. And if we pay attention to nature and the world around us, we will notice these seasons–these cycles of life that we are all a part of–and we will come to appreciate the value and purpose they serve.

Spring is nice–the green begins to return to the world around us, the flowers begin to sprout and grow, the weather starts to warm and the days grow longer, the birds fill the air with their songs, the increased sunlight offers vitality and energy to the world around. But would spring be so wonderful if not for the fact that we are deprived of it for much of the year? The fact that we spend so much time without flowers, without the warm sunlight, without the smells of growth, and without the sounds of creatures out and about, is what adds to the beauty of spring once it arrives.

It is important that we experience all of the seasons of our life to the fullest. And although all things come to an end… an end, of course, is simply a new beginning. Accepting the seasons of life, and how they apply to our own lives, makes our time here on earth much easier, much more enjoyable, and much more comprehensible.

Take some time to observe the cycles of the natural world around you today.

Questions to consider:

What are some of the seasons in your life?

Why do we often times find it difficult to accept life’s seasons and let things go when their time has passed?

How does allowing life to move through its seasons in its own time and on its own terms serve to benefit us?

For further thought:

“I surrendered my beliefs and found myself at the tree of life injecting my story into the veins of leaves only to find that stories like forests are subject to seasons.” ~Saul Williams


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