No Expectation, No Disappointment

“Your expectation of certain behavior from other people can be the reason for your heartbreak. Let go of any expectations from others, not to make a favor to them, but to have your own peace.” ~Sourav Ghosh …

When we feel hurt or heartbroken because of the behavior of another person, more times than not we are looking outwardly at the things that person has done to hurt or offend us. Yet how many times are we to blame for some–if not most–of the feelings of hurt that we feel? I can recall a number of times in which my expectation of others was the reason for my hurt. And here, Sourav tells me that it does not have to be so… that I can do myself a favor and retain the peace within me by letting go of any expectations that I have from others.

Holding expectations of others sets us up for potential hurt. And when we try to protect our hearts from hurt, or try to control our feelings, most of us fail to do so. This failure comes as a result of trying to control the uncontrollable… the result of which is more hurt, more pain, and more heartache.

We do not have to hold unrealistic expectations, or be in control of everything in our lives for that matter. It is when we discover how to let go, and give up our expectations, that the hurt we feel is replaced with peace and joy. Let others live the life they are going to live. Show them love and compassion, offer to them what you are able to offer them, and release your expectations of how you think they should live their life.

Release all your expectations of others today.

Questions to consider:

Why do we tend to find it hard to give up anything in our lives?

How can we find peace in releasing our expectations of others? Are there other benefits?

Who are some people in your life that release their expectations of others? What kind of attitude do they portray?

For further thought:

“The more we give up our hearts to God, to our vocations, and to others, forgetful of ourselves and of that which belongs to us–the greater poise we will acquire, until we reach peace, quiet, joy.” ~Alexander Yelchaninov

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