Practice The Art Of Self-Forgiveness

“There is no sense in punishing your future for the mistakes of your past. Forgive yourself, grow from it, and then let it go.” ~Melanie Koulouris …

It is refreshing to hear words such as Melanie’s… that we can forgive ourselves instead of punishing our futures with our past mistakes. After all, we cannot change what has already happened; and if we cannot forgive ourselves for our mistakes, and begin to move past them, then we will never be able to live life fully in the here and now… and that would be a shame.

When someone else makes a mistake or hurts us in some way, we know that if we fail to forgive that person, our relationship will never be the same. The same is true when dealing with ourselves. When we are unforgiving of ourselves, our personal relationship is damaged and becomes toxic, adding more negativity into our lives and fueling the circle of unhappiness and misery.

If we do not forgive ourselves, we hand over a part of our lives to guilt, and that guilt holds us back from becoming who we are meant to be and from living our lives in a fulfilling and positive way. Let go of your past mistakes. Forgive and forget. There you will find peace and joy; there you will find comfort and growth.

Practice the art of self-forgiveness today.

Questions to consider:

Do you punish yourself for past mistakes?

What sorts of things do you find hardest to forgive in yourself?

Is it more important to be positive or to hold ourselves back with the negative feelings of guilt and lack of forgiveness?

For further thought:

“People can be more forgiving than you can imagine. But you have to forgive yourself. Let go of what’s bitter and move on.” ~Bill Cosby


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