Do Not Overburden Yourself

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” ~Epictetus …

When we think of wealth, it often consists of lots of money and possessions–owning some of the great and finest of things to be exact. However, as we grow older, and as we experience life on deeper levels, we tend to find that the prior view of wealth is not correct. Having “great possessions,” or a surplus of things we desire, cannot bring us fulfillment or happiness in life. Instead, it generally leads us to a dependency upon them as we end up wanting more.

Epictetus tells us that wealth is “having few wants,” but how does this make me wealthy? Well if my happiness in life is not dependent upon attaining earthly possessions, or temporary happiness, then I free up my time and my energies for seeking other things, things that are truly important and can bring me happiness in life. And as I begin to simplify my life, I start to realize and become aware of those things in my life that are greater than money and possessions, things that cannot be replaced.

It is not that we must live poorly in life. Rather, what is most important is that we learn not to complicate our lives so much that we fail to see the things that truly matter. Do not overburden yourself with too many things of this world… and you will be a rich man indeed.

Try to decrease your wants today to the bare minimum.

Questions to consider:

Why do we tend to gather up more possessions than we need?

What happens when you let go of some of our possessions?

How does doing so affect our happiness in life? Can you ever be satisfied chasing possessions?

For further thought:

“Too many possessions are distracting. They take your attention away from what matters… people.” ~Linda Poindexter


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