Let Life Happen Of Its Own Accord

“To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time for every purpose under heaven.” ~Pete Seeger …

There is a purpose and a season to everything in life. Yet in spite of this, we are still often quick to become upset when we do not have things our way or at a specific time. Of course, it does not really help that marketers and advertisers are constantly bombarding us with advertisements and commercials that simply reinforce this idea in our heads, “I need to have the latest, greatest, newest thing… and I need it right now.” Actually, we need not look far to see models of unrealistic demands and expectations from life: “Have it your way.” “Gotta have my pops!” “Hungry? Why Wait? Grab a Snickers.”

When we demand something on our time, or try to have it all the time, it loses its luster and charm. So much of our discontent and frustration arises from trying to get things on our time. But we need not try to control life–it has its seasons and it moves on from one to another.

Let things happen in their own seasons and time and simply enjoy them–that is what makes each day special and unique. Additionally, recognize and be aware that some things will return, and some things will pass away, and that is ok… it is a necessary part of life. Yet while they are here, you have the ability to experience and enjoy them fully. Make it imperative that you always do so.

Let life happen of its own accord as you concentrate on enjoying and making the most of the day.

Questions to consider:

Why might we demand things at a specific time or in a specific way?

What is the result of continually holding on to things we like? Do we leave room for new things that we might like to enter our lives?

How can we work on letting things go when their seasons pass?

For further thought:

“I love best to have each thing in its season, doing without it at all other times. I have never gotten over my surprise that I should have been born into the most estimable place in all the world, and in the very nick of time, too.” ~Henry David Thoreau


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