Form The Habit Of Accurate Observation

“If I were to prescribe one process in the training of people which is fundamental to success in any direction, it would be thorough ongoing training in the habit of accurate observation. It is a habit which every one of us should be seeking evermore to perfect.” ~Eugene G. Grace …

Self-growth is an important aspect of achieving success. And as Eugene mentions here, accurate observation, when performed habitually as a process of training and growth, is perhaps the key to it all. After all, how often do most of us stop what we are doing and simply observe something, look at it deeply so that we may come to understand it more clearly and fully. Instead, we often make generalizations and assumptions that tend to blur our idea of exactly what this life is all about and who we share this world with.

Notice the flowers and trees around you. Take delight in the sounds, sights, and smells of nature. Experience the joys and sorrows of your fellow man. So often, we pass people and things by and take little to no notice of them. But this is life, and each day we have so much that is available to us if we simply slow down and see it.

There is a good chance that today will present you with opportunities to observe life. Take a moment to let it all in. Then, let yourself become fully aware and thankful that things simply are. Things do not need further explanations nor justifications for their being. They are here, and so are we.

Notice few things in and around you today that you have not noticed before.

Questions to consider:

Can we truly make our lives richer just by observing things? How?

When was the last time that you stopped to notice something in depth and detail? What was it?

Why do we tend not to take the few minutes necessary to notice something more deeply?

For further thought:

“Self-observation brings man to the realization of the necessity of self-change. And in observing himself a man notices that self-observation itself brings about certain changes in his inner processes. He begins to understand that self-observation is an instrument of self-change, a means of awakening.” ~G.I. Gurdjieff


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