Make Positive Choices

“The choices you make in life will make your life.” ~Michael Josephson …

If this is true… just imagine how much power we possess! We have the power to add joy and happiness to all our days, to spread love and compassion to those in our lives, and truly make our lives beautiful. All we have to do is make the right choices, the choices that we know in our hearts to be life creating, the choices that define the life we wish to live.

Making the right choice is as easy as knowing what we want out of life, and then achieving it. Of course, there are some things that we can do to help us along the way. Things like having a greater awareness of the situations in our life and taking the time to understand clearly the consequences of acting in a specific way. Doing so can help us avoid many of the pains and difficulties we otherwise would encounter simply living on a whim, and it allows us the opportunity to turn our life into a positive force in this world of ours.

We each choose how we feel, for we can choose the attitudes we portray to others and we can choose how we react to situations in life. And knowing that we can make our lives whatsoever we choose is one of the most liberating and empowering ideas one can embrace.

Make positive choices in your life daily.

Questions to consider:

What is your typical awareness of all the choices available to you in different situations?

Why do we sometimes make choices we later regret? How do we start to think that we do not always have choices?

Do you make your choices based on the criteria that are important for you or those you love?

For further thought:

“You have choice. You can select joy over despair. You can select happiness over tears. You can select action over apathy. You can select growth over stagnation. You can select you. And you can select life. And it’s time that people tell you you’re not at the mercy of forces greater than yourself. You are, indeed, the greatest force for you.” ~Leo Buscaglia


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