“God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.” ~Saint Augustine…

It does not matter where our beliefs in life reside, God loves us all, and He loves us all unconditionally, equally, and uniquely. This is such a wonderful and profound truth to discover, for it validates our worth as a spiritual being, as well as our value to humanity.

Just look at how much we value our own life. Since we have but one, it is priceless and should be cherished. God’s love for us is the same–He sees us as one-and-only-one life, and cherishes us the same. The fact that He has created us makes apparent His love for us. And even during times when we feel unlovable, or find it difficult to acknowledge that someone else could love us, He still loves us.

I like to think of God as my Father… and being a father myself, I know that my love for my children is almost limitless. And yet God’s love is greater. I know that no matter what I do, God will still love me, for I am just as much a part of this wonderful creation as anyone else. But more importantly, the more I become convinced of His boundless love for me, the less likely I am to do things that would push Him away.

We are loved, and we are called to act out of love–to spread love throughout the world as best we can. This includes loving my neighbors and loving myself. It means forgiving those who have hurt me and asking forgiveness of those I have hurt. It is giving selflessly of myself and sharing with those in need. It is showing compassion for others and respecting all life–for everyone is worthy of my love. Who am I to withhold my love from those whom God loves unconditionally?

God created you because He wants you to be. Let yourself become aware of this love today.

Questions to consider:

Do you feel loveable? Do you believe that God loves you?

Do you think that His love is conditional?

Do you allow yourself the freedom to be just who you are all the time?

For further thought:

“We are children, perhaps, at the very moment when we know that it is as children that God loves us–not because we have deserved his love and not in spite of our undeserving; not because we try and not because we recognize the futility of our trying; but simply because he has chosen to love us. We are children because he is our father; and all of our efforts, fruitful and fruitless, to do good, to speak truth, to understand, are the efforts of children who, for all their precocity, are children still in that before we loved him, he loved us, as children, through Jesus Christ our lord.” ~Frederick Buechner, The Magnificent Defeat


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16 October 2014 · 7:00 am

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