Embrace Positive Attitude

“Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but how we react to what happens, not by what life brings us but the attitude we bring to life.” ~Wade Boggs …

There is no getting around it–life is going to happen. And the majority of things that happen in our lives are outside of our control, which leaves us with our reactions to what happens to us. These reactions are what shape and define our lives–how we grow or fail to grow, our perception of life, our happiness or discontent.

How do I react to the situations in my life? Am I negative or positive? Do I nag at others and put them down, or try to encourage them and build others up? Do I complain and look for pity from others, or do I embrace an attitude of acceptance and positive action on my part? Do I hold things against others to make them feel guilty, or do I try my best to forgive them?

As a parent, it is duly important that I keep careful watch over my attitudes and reactions in life, for children learn best by example. Adopting many of my beliefs, customs, ways of acting, speaking, and treating others, my children will most likely become what I am someday.

So who am I becoming? Is this person conducive to a life filled with happiness and love? Do my attitudes and reactions better serve me in living my life to the fullest?

Embrace a positive attitude today.

Questions to consider:

How do you usually react to unforeseen circumstances? Is that how you want to react?

From whom do we learn how to react?

How can our reactions help us to become aware of how much we have or have not grown?

For further thought:

“Over the years I have come to believe that life is full of unchosen circumstances, that being human has to do with the evolution of our individual consciousness and with it, responsibilities for choice. Pain and joy both come with life. I believe that how we respond to what happens to us and around us shapes who we become and has to do with the psyche or the soul’s growth.” ~Jean Shinoda Bolen


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