“Prayer is the oxygen of the soul.” ~St. Padre Pio ….

This is a testament to the importance of maintaining a healthy spiritual prayer life. St. Padre Pio tells us here that prayer is just as important to the life in our soul, as breathing is to the life in our body. If I stop to take a moment to reflect upon this, perhaps I can come to a better understanding of the sicknesses and weaknesses I face in my own spiritual life.

Without prayer, we are faced with a limited perspective of this world, one that must be seen from mortal eyes alone. But prayer is more than just physical, mental, and emotional… it is that spiritual connection with a higher power. It is something we do for ourselves to help make our lives, and the lives of those around us, much richer. It helps us to overcome difficulties–to put things behind us that need to be laid to rest such as anger and resentment. It helps us to strengthen ourselves–our peace, our compassion, our joy, and our purpose.

Prayer is a gift of life. It is an opportunity to connect with our power, our purpose, our God, and our souls. Additionally, it helps us to keep in mind that we are not of this world–that our being here is finite and that we will someday come home.

Breathe life into your soul through prayer today, so that your spirit will not drown under the weight of this world.

Spend some time in prayer today.

Questions to consider:

How is it that some of us may not find prayer a necessity of life?

How do you define prayer in your life?

Which areas of your lives are in most need of prayer?

For further thought:

“What is prayer? Prayer is sending blessing to all. Prayer is sending your compassion to all. Prayer is creating an antidote of negative thoughts.” ~Osho


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