Remain Focused

“Tough times never last. But tough people do.” ~Dr. Robert Schuller  …

How do you feel when the times get tough? Have you ever steered clear of doing something you knew you should do simply because you were afraid that it might end up being too difficult or take much longer than the effort was really worth? As a boy, I remember arguing with my parents once about scooping manure out of a nearby abattoir for our flowers. At the time, it seemed like far too difficult a task… something that I felt would clearly take more time and effort than I possessed. However, after my brother and I went out and actually did it, we were through in less than a couple hours.

All too often, we allow our minds to over-analyze a task or job at hand, and we are caught trying to avoid it because we might be faced with difficulty and failure. The kicker is, when we do so, we allow our fear to hold us back before we even give ourselves the chance to try and thus set ourselves up for failure.

Tough times are temporary, just like pain. But our fortitude, integrity, and perseverance serves us long past those times in which we are tested. Perhaps I recently lost a loved one. It is true that I will have to face difficulty, pain, and grief, and it is important that I take the time to feel this very real experience in my life. Yet in the end, I must not allow my fears to defeat myself. I must find growth, understanding, and acceptance through my difficult experiences, and then carry that with me inside.

When times get tough, we can make things more difficult than they really are, or we can just do our best to accomplish what we feel we need to. The choice really is ours to make.

Find personal growth today in a recent difficulty you have been faced with.

Questions to consider:

What are some ways in which we make things more difficult than they really are?

How do we affect ourselves when we avoid tasks because they may be too difficult for us to overcome?

Think of some ways you can help yourself take on tasks that seem too difficult?

For further thought:

“My burden is my purpose. Without it, I wouldn’t be.” ~Solange Nicole


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