Share Happiness

“God wants to use you to make other people happy! And the happier you make others, the happier you will be because you reap what you sow.” ~Joyce Meyer ….

The contributions I make to the world around me have a direct effect on the happiness that I experience in life. When I make others happy, I increase the joy and happiness within my own life. Even more, by making others happy I serve God within others, complimenting and strengthening my own relationship with Him, opening the door to a greater understanding of my purpose in life.

The good I do for others opens the door to allow the greater forces of kindness, love, and compassion to work their wonders in the world around me. It changes the very dynamic of life–my relationships with others grow deeper and stronger, the peace within me becomes lasting, and my wisdom and understanding becomes a more permanent fixture in my life.

How we live our lives is up to us. But it is important to remember that how we live our lives also determines a lot of what we will reap in life. Sow happiness, and you will reap happiness. Sow hurt and discontent and you will reap that as well.

Bring happiness to those you meet today.

Questions to consider:

What do you sow the most of in this world? Do you seem to get equal parts back?

How can you go about getting your life in tune with the more positive forces?

What are some things that you can sow for the benefit of others?

For further thought:

“We are close to God when we are close to people. If we think of God as something in favor of the betterment of human beings, and if we act in a way that brings about that betterment–if we do not cling to riches, selfishness, or greed–then I believe we are getting closer to God.” ~Daniel Ortega


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