The Years In Your Life Do Not Count… It Is The Life In Your Years

“In the end, it is not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.” ~Abraham Lincoln …

It is difficult for you to imagine a world without you. Yet someday, maybe in 100 years, maybe sooner, you will be gone. And when you die, it will matter not the years that you lived–what will truly matter is the measure of the life that you lived while you were here on Earth.

So how are we going to spend our lives? Are we going to try to fulfill our own needs and desires, selfishly leaving nothing for our future generations? Or are we going to look towards the future with care and concern, and try to make our contributions on this Earth something lasting and important for posterity? Our contributions need not be big, or even noticeable. We can offer teaching and encouragement for our younger generations. We can clean up trash, or plant a tree, to help beautify the world around us. We can practice conservation to help ensure that we limit the amount of waste we produce. We can give of our time, talents, and abilities to others to help make a positive impact in their lives.

Lincoln’s words are about recognizing the value and importance of all human life… and this is one of the greatest lessons we can learn. Ask yourself today, “am I going to make the years in my life count… or the life in my years?”

Do something that might go on to benefit others in the future.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of things can you do now that might help others in the future?

What kinds of things have you given to the world that will last?

Do our contributions have to be worldwide in scale in order to make a difference?

For further thought:

“I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches.” ~Alice Roosevelt Longworth


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