Joy And Happiness From Within

“Happiness is fleeting. True joy comes from within.” ~Pamela J. Wells …

It has been observed by many wise individuals, that the only way to find lasting happiness, “true joy,” is to search within ourselves. We can find all around us, and read in the news, the multitude of failed attempts to find happiness by others in money, possessions, other people, power, and fame. 

When we search for lasting joy outside ourselves, we end up feeling empty and incomplete; happiness becomes a fleeting emotion we chase around like a butterfly. However, it need not be so. If we simply turn our search for happiness within, we allow ourselves to experience life on a completely new level. We begin to find a sense of peace within–a peace that knows we do not need that new car or the new pair of shoes to be happy. We need only to experience life more fully, more completely. 

And perhaps you are facing challenges, difficult situations, or heartaches in your life right now. It is important that we realize that it is ok to experience these for what they are. But it is equally important to remember that these things will pass, and to not let yourself get swept away in the unhappiness. 

At this very moment, there is joy and happiness inside of you. Look within… embrace it… trust life. 

Allow yourself to feel joy and happiness from within today. 

Questions to consider:

What kind of happiness have you found from things outside of yourself? 

What things might lead us to believe that we can find true joy and happiness from without? 

How can we go about making joy an important part of our lives? 

For further thought:

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” ~Guillaume Apollinaire


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