Find A Balance Between Taking Life Seriously And Recognizing The Humor That Is With Us

“God has a most wicked sense of humor.” ~Maureen O’Hara …

I believe for fact that God has a sense of humor. He knows that we need it in our lives from time to time to remind us not to take life so seriously. For when we do, we deprive ourselves of so much of the enjoyment we have available to us, and we lay waste so much of life’s potential.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” One of our main purposes here on Earth is to serve others with love and compassion. And no matter how we choose to serve others, humor is an effective way of enjoying the time and ligthening the load for our fellow man and ourselves, as long as it is acceptable and in good taste. When we make others laugh, we are serving God and bringing happiness full circle.

I personally feel that God has a wonderful sense of humor. With all the countless paradoxes of life, and humorous things that make me laugh, I have to ask to myself, “Surely the Creator found humor here as well.”

How we see God has a lot to do with how we see life in general. It is a reflection of our own attitudes and views of life. Do I see life as a gift? Do I cherish each day as another blessing from God? If I wish to get the most out of my time here on this Earth, then surely, I need to enjoy it and share in the humor that is available to me each day.

Look for the humor all around you.

Questions to consider:

Why would God give us the ability to laugh if he could not laugh himself?

Why do so many people take life so seriously?

How can we find a balance between taking life seriously and recognizing and appreciating the humor that is with us each day?

For further thought:

“You can’t serve God without serving the people.” ~Art Hochberg


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