Be An Active Participant And A Good Sport In “The Game Of Life”

“For when the One Great Scorer
comes to mark against your name,
He writes–not that you won or lost–
but how you played the game.”

~Grantland Rice …

Life is not a competition, nor is it a game. Yet when we consider the analogies between living our lives and playing a game, Grantland’s observations serve to inspire us to action. True, by some of our standards, I could “win” by amassing great wealth, power, or fame. Alternatively, I could “lose” by living a life without material wealth, power, or fame. However, we are not judged based upon these “marks against our name,” at the closure of our life here on Earth; rather we are judged by how well we lived our lives.

When all is said and done, whether we win or lose is of little importance–for life beckons us to become active participants in all that lies before us. Unfortunately, many of us relegate ourselves to the position of spectators in life when what truly matters, is that we do not sit idly by, watching others and what they do, but that we get out there and “play the game” as best we can.

Life is happening all around you–even at this very moment. Do not let your abilities, talents, and potential go to waste. Now is the time to make sure that on the day you die, you can say, “I played the game as best I could; I fought the good fight, and I finished the race.”

Be an active participant and a good sport in “the game of life” daily.

Questions to consider:

What are some ways in which you could more actively participate in life?

Do you know how much time do you have left to live? How are you using the time that you do have available?

What effect do we have on others if we spend our watching the game or trying to cheat our way ahead? What if we play the game as best we can regardless of our personal the outcome?

For further thought:

“You know, we can’t get out of life alive. We can either die in the bleachers or die on the field. We might as well come down on the field and go for it!” ~Les Brown


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