Making Our Mind A Fertile Soil For Thanksgiving And Gratitude To Grow

“Pride slays thanksgiving, but a humble mind is the soil out of which thanks naturally grow. A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves.” ~Henry Ward Beecher …

What a beautiful concept–humility is “the soil out of which thanks naturally grow.” We become what we embrace in life, and if we are proud men, we inevitably feel that we deserve more than we have come to receive… even if we were truly undeserving of what has been given us.

Humility is the realization that we are not due anything in life. And when faced with this nothingness, we are left with no alternative but gratitude and thanksgiving for everything we receive in life–it all becomes an undeserved gift.

What would life be like if I saw everything I received as an undeserved gift? Things that would normally bother me or make me angry, would simply bounce off me like water off the feathers of a duck. I would be content and happy with what I have in life, knowing that receiving anything is better than having nothing. I would be less judgmental towards others, and forgive them their shortcomings and their wrongs, for I would be aware of my own faults and failures.

Let us find more humility in our life by making our mind a fertile soil for thanksgiving and gratitude to grow. For it will be from this garden that our happiness is harvested.

Say thank you for the things you receive.

Questions to consider:

What are some things you are thankful for that you had not thought about today?

Is there truly anything that is due to us from life? From others?

Why do we so often let other’s actions affect the way that we feel?

For further thought:

“There is no true and constant gentleness without humility; while we are so fond of ourselves, we are easily offended with others. Let us be persuaded that nothing is due to us, and then nothing will disturb us. Let us often think of our own infirmities, and we shall become indulgent towards those of others.” ~Francois Fenelon


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