Trust Yourself. Trust Life. Do Not Block Your True Potential By Yourself

“Maybe you don’t have to push yourself forward. Maybe you just have to stop holding yourself back.” ~Doe Zantamata …

We generally gauge ourselves, and the progress that we make, by how well we are able to overcome obstacles and by how well we are able to rise to the occasion. If I failed to find success, then I obviously did not try hard enough, right. Well what if the answer were much simpler. What if, perhaps the only thing hindering my success, was myself?

Maybe you have the wrong attitude–always belittling yourself and your abilities. Perhaps you hang around the wrong individuals–people whose negativity rubs off on you, or people who offer you discouragement and disapproval. Maybe you avoid healthy risks and change because you do not like the uncomfortable feeling that comes with them or you do not like the prospect of losing what you consider safe. Maybe you are being haunted with the thought of what people might say.

We can ensure our failures by holding ourselves back in countless ways. Are we doing such things in our lives? We should ask ourselves this question from time to time. And if the answer is yes, then we must actively seek to remove ourselves as a roadblock to our own success. Trust yourself. Trust life. Do not allow yourself to be the reason you are not reaching your true potential in life.

Questions to consider:

What are some ways in which you push yourself forward? What are some ways in which you tend to hold yourself back?

Are there times in your life when you give it all you have?

What criteria do you use when you make such a distinction?

For further thought:

“You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back.” ~Barbara De Angelis


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