Refuse To Let Yourself Fall Victim To Circumstance

“Life begins for anyone when that individual refuses to be a victim of any delimiting experience: disease, accident, poverty, family pressure, marriage dilemma, neglect. Whatever the curse, if you will not take it, or accept the role fate seems to offer, you can never become a mental cripple and nothing can hold you back.” ~David Seabury

The only thing that can truly hold us back in life… is ourselves. The moment we begin to harbor a defeatist attitude, we are defeated. But as David points out, the moment we refuse to be a victim of our lives, is the moment we begin to truly live our lives.

Our lot in life may indeed be predetermined at birth; however, we are all as equally capable as the next of living our lives to the fullest. But to do so, we have to refuse to accept the belief that life can hold us back. Perhaps you were born without arms, or due to an accident, lost them. That does not mean you have to let your handicap limit your abilities–I have seen many individuals who have lost limbs and are more than capable of doing things many of us would consider an impossibility for them.

We each deserve to have confidence in our abilities and ourselves. Each of us has been created as a marvelous human… a miraculous being whose purpose and contributions to life are just as important as the next. And if we can realize the potential that is waiting within us, and help others to realize theirs as well, we can make this world a bright and beautiful place filled with much more love and much less pain and hurt.

Refuse to let yourself fall victim to circumstance today.

Questions to consider:

Is it easy for you to find confidence in yourself and your abilities?

What are some things you are gifted at? In what ways are you reaching your potential in those areas?

How might you reach your potential more fully?

For further thought:

“Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.” ~August Wilson


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