What If Gentleness Were A Revolution?

“It’s true that we live in a harsh world, but it’s also true that gentleness invades that harshness with its own kind of beauty. We see it in the way a mother cradles a newborn baby, in the eyes of a father roughhousing with a preschooler, in the silence of a setting sun, in the affectionate caress of a lifetime lover and friend, in the peace that settles during an anxious prayer, and in a thousand ways more. Yes, gentleness is invading our world today. The only question is whether or not you’ve joined the revolution.” – Unattributed …

What if gentleness were a revolution? What if each gentle, compassionate, and caring action or word that we offered, contributed towards the overthrowing of anger and hate, of violence and rage, of sorrow and suffering? The truth is… they already do!

Gentleness is a quality that spreads like happiness–giving peace and joy to those it touches. It consumes anger and hate–robbing others of the kindling they use to feed their anger. It absorbs suffering and pain–sharing compassion and understanding with those who are hurting and alone. It shelters–offering a haven to others to escape the stress of the world.

When I think of how happy I am when I am treating others with gentleness and love, I cannot help but wonder why I ever choose not to. I suppose I generally do not “choose” to treat others this way, rather, it is the inattention to my feelings and the feelings of those around me that cloud the reality of my emotions. When I find myself angry, dissatisfied, and without peace, if I would take just a moment to reflect, I would find that my feelings and emotions are the result of outside forces, and that I let them get to me and stress me out.

The world is a beautiful place when we share gentleness and peace with our fellow man. Be the “gentle mother who cradles her newborn baby.” See through the eyes of the “gentle father roughhousing his preschooler.” Share gentleness with your spouse and those you love. Capture it in the peacefulness of nature. Every day we have the option to join the revolution… to be both a gentleman, as well as a gentle man.

Be nothing but gentle towards others today.

Questions to consider:

Who are some individuals you know that are gentle? What are some of their traits?

How has your gentleness affected others? How about when you lack gentleness?

In what ways can you become more gentle? How would doing so contribute to the world?

For further thought:

I choose gentleness… Nothing is won by force. I choose to be gentle. If I raise my voice may it be only in praise. If I clench my fist, may it be only in prayer. If I make a demand, may it be only of myself.” – Max Lucado


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