Know Yourself Better

“You have to start knowing yourself so well that you begin to know other people. A piece of us is in every person we can ever meet.” – John D. MacDonald

What a beautiful concept! That we can find a piece of ourselves in everyone we could ever meet. We are all similar beings, experiencing many of the same things as one another in life; and as John mentions, if I am able to start knowing myself well, I will begin to know others well too.

I have come to understand that the more I know about myself, the more I recognize the commonalities I share with others. My joys and happiness, my pain and sorrows, my likes and dislikes… others share very similar feelings in life. And when I am able to recognize these bonds I share, I am able to show empathy towards others–I am able to help them through the tough times by carrying some of the load, and I am able to be by their side to share in the joys they experience.

By gaining a deeper knowledge of ourselves, we improve our abilities to help others in life. Many of the obstacles we face in life will be faced by others. And thus, through our own self-discovery, we are better able to share ourselves with others, and vice versa.

What are my talents? What are my strengths? Do I spend time learning more about what I enjoy and what I do well? Do I strengthen my skills? Do I take time to care for myself? Do I burn myself out?

Take a moment to find out more about yourself.

Questions to consider:

In what ways can you begin to “start knowing yourself well?”

Is it possible for us to live life fully without knowing ourselves?

What are some situations in which knowing yourself better would benefit you?

For further thought:

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” – Lao-tzu

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