On The Highest Throne In The World, We Still Sit Only On Our Own Bottom!”

“Morality and confidence are always found in the heart of one who is mighty. For how can one be mighty with nothing to stand upon? It is in being humble that we carry our self confidence–proving that we need not the confirmation of man.” – Caley Baumgart …

It is one’s ego that typically holds one back from greatness. Every day in our lives we see people who claim to be something they really are not–hoping to garnish praise. We see people who claim to be deeply religious but who lead lives that reflect no true religious conviction at all. We see people who claim to be humble, yet who show no humility at all. How many people claim to be something just because they think it is a trait that others will value in them?

Something I find peculiar, and at the same time sad, is seeing famous athletes giving themselves nicknames and artists/stars basking in the limelight. Too many times I see these so called role models claiming they are something they are not. I always say, if you have to tell everyone that you are something, then you definitely are not. When it comes to leadership, this same logic applies. True leaders do not have to tell people that they are their leader, they are chosen and recognised for their inherent leadership qualities.

One of the most unnoticed, but greatest qualities of a leader, is that of humility. As quarterback for my college football team, I found that humility is not just about oneself, it is also about giving to others. True humility radiates to those around you, giving hope, assurance, and joy to others. One who is humble, will see that their humble actions allow for others to act in ways that will help those people to get more out of life. In serving humbly, we share encouragement and confidence with those around us, letting them know that they truly are making important contributions to the greater good and that their efforts are both appreciated and noticed.

Humility also strengthens our character and self-worth. And although it seems somewhat contradictory, we can get what we want in life by giving up what we want in a truly humble spirit. For without humility, we are letting our ego make our choices for us, and our ego always will choose things that boost its own power. Yet with humility, our choices become more authentic, and they serve to make us truly happier people at a much deeper level than our egos could ever conceive of.

Find more humility in life from day to day.

Questions to consider:

When was the last time you practiced true humility? How did it feel?

How many of your decisions are the result of your ego’s desire to see itself as the most important part of who you are?

How can being humble lead others to recognize their own worth, and in turn recognize yours as well?

For further thought:

“On the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom.” – Michel de Montaigne


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