Be A Beacon Of Peace

“For a day, just for one day,
Talk about that which disturbs no one
And bring some peace into your
Beautiful eyes.” – Hafez …..

Peace is something that we bring into ourselves, something that we allow to happen within us. Life often envelops us in distractions, filling us with concerns, worries, cares, and turmoil. These distractions, along with the overwhelming burdens that we carry, tend to keep our focus away from the peace that is available to us. Additionally, we share our stresses and concerns with others, disturbing the peace of the world around us. But peace is available to us, if we but seek it, and allow it a home within.

Peace is always a beautiful thing. And when we are filled with peace, it radiates beauty to all those we meet. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a person filled with peace? Perhaps the peace that they know could be perceived in them. Maybe this is what Hafez means when he implores us to “bring some peace into our beautiful eyes.”

Bring peace into your life. Share it with others, even if only for a day. Do not try to force it, rather, let down the barriers that keep it out of your soul. The refreshing springs of peace will invigorate and nourish you more than you could ever imagine.

Be a beacon of peace today.

Questions to consider:

Why do you think that peace is rarely sought by others?

Where is your peace these days? Do you actively seek it?

How can the peace you carry within you affect those around you?

For further thought:

“No one can get inner peace by pouncing on it, by vigorously willing to have it. Peace is a margin of power around our daily need. Peace is a consciousness of springs too deep for earthly droughts to dry up. Peace is the gift not of volitional struggle but of spiritual hospitality.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick


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