Our Limitless Potential

“The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.” – Brian Tracy

We sometimes forget to appreciate the potential of what people can become, as much as what they already are. Of course, you recognize the value within each person’s potential when you notice it, however, by placing your focus on their current abilities, all too often you tend to overlook it. The same applies when you look at your own potential. And as Brian points out, the potential within each of us is so vast, that we can spend our entire lifetime discovering new and hidden gems within.

We should be encouraging others and ourselves to strive to reach our growing and changing potentials. However, when doing so, it is very important that we do so with the understanding that we are each unique individuals. Change and growth may not happen now–it might not even happen within five years–and that is ok. As long as we are aware of the potentials within, we can work towards fostering and nurturing them, so that one day when they are ready, they can blossom and spread.

Remember to keep realistic expectations of others and yourself. At the same time, always be aware of the potentials within. Focus on channeling them towards the greater good. We are each marvelous wonders in this beautiful world, and if we recognize this, and accept it and foster it without wanting to judge others, the potential growth of this world will become exponential growth.

Endeavour to see a greater potential in yourself, and make efforts to tap into it.

Questions to consider:

How often do you recognize the potential within yourself? Within others?

How can you foster this potential within yourself? Within others?

What are some of the problems we may face if we neglect to explore the potentials within?

For further thought:

“Clay is fashioned into vessels; it is on their empty hollowness that their use depends. Doors and windows are cut out to make a dwelling, and on the empty space within, its use depends. Thus, while the existence of things may be good, it is the non-existence in them that makes them serviceable.” – Lao Tzu


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