Helping Children Embrace Their Limit-Less Potentials

“What its children become, that will the community become.” – Suzanne Lafollette

This begs the question of us, “What kind of world are we preparing for our children?” At the same time, “What kind of children are we preparing for our world?” Our time on this Earth is finite, and someday we will be gone, but what kind of legacy are we leaving behind us? I personally feel the answers to these questions are dismal and bleak, and that we as a society are not doing a very good job preparing our children at all.

I often see impatience in our younger generation. This age has brought about an expectation for instant gratification–cell phones that offer the ability to speak with someone immediately, movies and TV shows streamed on demand, the desire to acquire the latest and greatest in all things, and on and on. On top of all this, we have marketers and vendors who are pushing all sorts of new addictions upon our youth. Electronics, name brands, junk food, and caffeine and high-sugar drinks labeled as “energy drinks.” The majority of our youth feel entitled to things, because that is what advertisers want them to feel, and we as parents and as a society have not done enough to let them know otherwise.

There are exceptions–and the reality is that the exceptions are going to become the leaders, for they will be the only adults who are able to think freely for themselves, think critically and outside the boxes that contain others. What we need to do if we want to give our children a world that will be positive for them is to teach them now to be those exceptions–to leave the cell phones at home, to reject the messages of want and need that advertisers continue to force upon them, to avoid becoming addicted to the many new addictions such as texting and video games etc that are available to them.

What will our children’s world be like if the world is run by people who are addicted to things that keep them from thinking for themselves? Do I help our youth to become the exceptions? If I do not, who will?

Talk to a child today about thinking outside the box–about rejecting their expectations of entitlements, of impatience and immorality–and embracing their limit-less potential.

Questions to consider:

What do you see our world looking like when our children are in charge?

Why do so many people feed so many messages to kids just to get those kids to buy more of their products?

Are we doing a good job in helping our kids reach their potential?

For further thought:

“Giving kids clothes and food is one thing, but it’s much more important to teach them that other people besides themselves are important and that the best thing they can do with their lives is to use them in the service of other people.” – Dolores Huerta


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