Stay Aware…Yell For Help If You Need It

“My only advice is to stay aware, listen carefully, and yell for help if you need it.” – Judy Blume

Sometimes in life we are overwhelmed with advice from the people and things around us. Judy, on the other hand, gives us some very limited, yet very good advice here: to be aware in life, to listen carefully, and to seek help when necessary.

Awareness is key to so much of life; we cannot deal with things in our lives, good or bad, if we are not aware of all the differing aspects of our lives and where they stand. How could I decide that I wish to lose weight if I am not aware of what a healthy weight is for me, or what I currently weigh for that matter? Being aware of our thoughts, behaviors, interactions, attitudes, morals, and so much more is a very important factor in dealing with much of what life throws at us.

Likewise, it is vital that we take the time to listen carefully, for it is in listening that we find awareness. Many of us tend to share our opinions, wisdom, and thoughts rather candidly. However, it is in the listening that we learn–it is in the hearing that we grow.

Lastly, we should never hesitate to ask for help, for we both benefit when we help each other–one contributes positively to the world, and the other receives requested assistance. And we should always be aware that there are many wonderful individuals out there who most certainly would help us out if we simply ask them. If we do not ask, however, they miss out on experiencing the positive feelings that come from helping others, and we miss out on the benefit of receiving their aid in dealing with something that we probably should not be dealing with alone.

Apply Judy’s advice in your life today.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of things can we do to become more aware? Of what things should we become more aware?

How often do you purposely take the time to listen?

Why is it so difficult for us to ask for help, even if we need it badly?

For further thought:

“I shall open my eyes and ears. Once every day I shall simply stare at a tree, a flower, a cloud, or a person. I shall not then be concerned at all to ask what they are but simply be glad that they are. I shall joyfully allow them their “divine, magical, and ecstatic” existence.” – Clyde S. Kilby


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