Shocking! Man Accused Of Sleeping With Six- year Old Daughter

It was drama at High court 22, in Apo, Abuja on Wednesday, February 27, as facts emerged that Mr. Michael Elekima Barango had turned his six-year old daughter into a sex-slave.

The little girl (name withheld), accompanied the father to court that day as the issue of her custody was being debated, but on that day the cat was let out of the bag.

Trouble started when Mr Barango and his wife decided to call it quits since their marriage was in crisis and there was no hope of settlement. Even though the husband was willing to dissolve the marriage, he was not willing to let go of his first daughter.

The unsuspecting mother, according to sources, thought it was just that the father was fond of his first daughter and so wanted her to be with him, while conceding custody of the younger child, a boy to her. But being a mother, she was not willing to let go of her little daughter in the hands of another woman. She felt that special bonding between mothers and their children can never be replaced, so she decided to insist on having both children.

It was the struggle for custody of the girl that eventually led to the discovery. Counsels to the mother had insisted on a comprehensive medical test to be carried out on the child.

On February 4 this year, the honourable court had, pursuant to the application of the respondent, permitted full medical test of the 6-year-old girl.

It was then that it was discovered that the little girl had already lost her virginity, and to worsen matters, she was already infected with a veneral disease.

Investigations by Nigerian Pilot revealed that the girl later confessed that her dad usually plays with her “bum-bum” and that he bought her biscuits, la casera and chocolate so that she would not tell anyone about it.

Further investigations revealed that the man has possibly been defiling the little innocent girl for over three years now, even though he told the doctor that an uncle first violated her when she was two years old. But upon questioning, he was not able to name the uncle. The girl however said it was only the dad that “plays” with her in that manner.

The matter was so touching that as soon as the judge handed custody of the child over to the mother, the women present openly wept and began praying for the girl and calling on God to cleanse her.

The matter was adjourned to March 18 for further hearing


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