Basics for a Good Relationship


There are some basic notions that people should have in mind when going into a relationship. Such impressions are key elements that can help to build and make the friendship worthwhile.

No one can claim knowledge to everything. And it has been found that one way to make the best of a relationship is to have some basic notions in mind. One of which is that a relationship is something that each party should be prepared to work for.

A good relationship has to be groomed and nurtured; each party should also to ready to respect each other no matter the situation. That is highly important. Here are some other notions to remember from time to time:

Spend quality time together
This is perhaps one of the most common relationship tips found in columns and books, but it is one of the most effective.

Spending quality time with family members, friends, and significant others is the best way to improve a relationship. Experts on relationship tips suggest that you should devote at least half an hour everyday to your family members or your significant other.

One of the best relationship tips for couples suggest that you spend at least one day every month that you and your partner will be exclusively together. Time is a gift that nobody can buy, and unsurprisingly, time is also the most important and affectionate gift that you can give your partner, family members, and friends.

Compromise is often believed to be a bad word, especially by idealists. But listening to the other person and taking into serious consideration the things that they want is not one of the worst relationship tips to follow. Do have in mind that you cannot expect to have your way all the time.

Encouraging your partner, family members, or friends to talk about things with you is one of the best relationship tips that you can find. Show appreciation whenever he or she trusts you with feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Follow the other relationship tips of give and take, and return the favour. Communication means that there are two people engaged in a dialogue, not a single person in a monologue.

Enhancing communication is one of the most used relationship tips, because effectively letting the other person in the relationship know about your needs, wants, and wishes will definitely take the effort out of guessing – and redirect this effort to fulfil you and your partner’s wishes.

Many experts on relationship tips suggest that you appreciate your partner, family members, or friends, and all the things that they do for you. Do not, however, expect them to say a compliment back.

A compliment or a simple “thank you” does not take as much effort as other relationship tips would – do not scrimp on it. Making a person feel appreciated and needed is one of the simplest relationship tips out there; make sure that you do it for the people you love.

A smile is one of mankind’s ways to make the people around them feel better. A smile is a silent comfort for people, and experts on relationship tips say that you should reward your partner, family members, and friends with it often. Smiling is also often contagious – and if you want your collective lives to be happier, do smile more often and learn to have fun together

Be honest
honesty. Being honest does not end with not lying to your partner – it also means that you should be honest about whatever you feel, think, or wish. If something bothers you, do not hesitate to say it. Your loved ones cannot read your mind. You cannot expect them to know exactly what you are thinking or feeling.

This is very important, because many people tend to hide what they really feel or think. Plus, if you keep everything bottled up, you will just end up resenting your partner and eventually destroying your relationship.

This is one of the relationship tips that people find corny or overrated, but this is also one of the relationship tips that people tend to forget. Once you love a person, you have to accept all the little unlovable characteristics and quirks. You cannot change a person,only a person who wants to change can change.

Punishment does not work
Punishing your partner for something wrong he or she might have done is not in the list of healthy relationship tips – in fact, it is in the list of the worst relationship tips ever. While punishment might make you feel better, this does not make the situation any better.

Experts on relationship tips suggest that you reward your partner for the things that you approve of and like, and overlook all those things that you do not.

Money isn’t everything
This is one of the practical relationship tips that people, especially couples, tend to forget. Money is perhaps the number one reason of arguments between couples.

Yes, money is useful, especially when you are keeping a home – but it does not make your world go around. Stop fighting about money. Sit down, set a budget, and never take arguments about money seriously.



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  2. Kpobo

    They are great basic point for a good relationship ,the point are explanatory ,but God should be the foundation of any relationship .

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