“If you were the President of Nigeria, what would you have done differently from Jonathan?” – IBB

Supposing you are the President of this country at the moment what would you have done differently from what President Goodluck Jonathan is doing now? IBB opens up

Many are of the opinion that he is Machiavellian in character. Others referred to him as the “evil genius”. Some dubbed him “Maradona” for dribbling the country for eight years. But certain facts cannot be taken away from him. General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, fondly called IBB by his friends and foe alike, is one of the leaders whose influence shaped the future of Nigeria. As he turns 71 today, the country he molded for eight years is still tottering at 51 years old.

His coming to power in 1985 marked the beginning of an era — an era which kick-started the building of a modern-day Nigeria, an era marked by various experimentation – social engineering, economic reformation, political reinvention and cultural re-engineering of the Nigerian society. His era witnessed the establishment of institutions, introduction of mass mobilization mechanisms and societal re-orientation on a scale never witnessed before in the country.

Recently at his hil top mansion in Minna, Niger State, the seasoned politician was asked. Supposing he’s the President of this country at the moment what would he have done differently from what President Goodluck Jonathan is doing now that is in control as regards the issues of internal insurgency by the Boko Haram sect? And he said. “I think you should understand that President Jonathan, Babangida, Shagari, Obasanjo, Buhari, or anybody that we ran a new or developing country.

What we are going through now, other countries went through that, but through perseverance, hard work and ability to dialogue, these countries had gone and past over their problems. So, I think I am sensible enough to know that because you are a developing country, as long as we are ready to learn from our mistakes, we will get there.

I am talking about developing countries, we make mistakes. We went through a civil war and I don’t believe we will likely go again into a civil war despite the drums that has been beaten. But I am not sure and neither am I sure that you the younger generations would like to go to war that we went through. So, we learn as the mistakes are being committed when we went to war and we are not likely going to war again.”

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