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The Story Of Florence Chadwick


Florence May Chadwick was an American swimmer who was the first woman ever to cross the English Channel twice both ways.

On the fourth of July 1952, Florence aged thirty four years, had set her goal at being the first woman to swim the twenty six miles between Catalina Island and the California coastline. As she began this historical journey and had spent about fifteen hours swimming, a thick, heavy fog set in. Florence began to doubt her ability, and she told her mother, who was in one of the boats, that she did not think she could make it. Her mother and her trainer continued to encouragement her to continue, but all she could see was the fog. They urged her not to quit. But she did. She never had to quit until then. Continue reading


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Eating Fruits Can Reduce The Risk Of Obesity


Adding plums, peaches and nectarines to your healthy food grocery list can help you fight off obesity and obesity-related diseases. New research from Texas A & M AgriLife found that these stone fruits can potentially help to fight diabetes and cardiovascular disease, both of which are associated with obesity.

Fruits and vegetables for weight loss
Dr. Luis Cisneros-Zevallos states that the compounds that are found in these stone fruits could help to combat metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a condition in which obesity and inflammation lead to a multitude of other serious health conditions. Continue reading

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What Is The Truth About Women And Alcohol?


Gone are the days when women might sip a sweet sherry at Christmas but leave the serious drinking to the menfolk.

Twenty years ago, women drank on average five and a half units per week.

It’s now closer to eight units, with a rising number, nearly a fifth of women, drinking more than the recommended maximum of 14 units a week.

We all know drinking to excess is bad for our health, and is linked to a range of serious health problems, from cancer to high blood pressure and liver disease. Continue reading

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Magistrate Orders Lawyer, 2 Others To Frog-Jump In Court For Contempt


It was like a drama yesterday during a Court session, when the presiding Chief Magistrate of an Osogbo Magistrate Court, Adewunmi Makanjuola ordered a middle-aged lawyer, Nnajite Okobie, to observe a five-minue frog-jump as a punishment for making noise during the court proceeding.

Makanjuola, who was presiding over a case of alleged rape of an 11-year-old primary school girl was apparently disturbed by the noise emanating from Okobie, who was having a conversation with two people suspected to be his clients in the court premises. Continue reading

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Don’t Ever Be Hopeless

…Always be Hopeful…
It has been said that man can live forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only one second without hope. No matter what we are facing, we all need hope.

But where are we going to find this hope that we so desperately need? We are not going to find it in people or things. Nor are we going to find it in a politician or a political persuasion, regardless of what side of the aisle we are on. Nor are we going to find it in technology or science or in a relationship or in an accomplishment.

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