Getting Less Or More Out Of Life

It’s your choice

Having no sense of purpose is one of the worst experiences in life because this means having no sense of being. People who experience this are floating around aimless and directionless. They are not running any race because they have no intentions at all. These people have no clear idea of their nature or identity. They do things only because they see others do. Purposeless people are entrenched in a very low level of self-consciousness of their own lives. They do not even know what they love the most. The worst is that they do not know the very reason why they still exist. This is why if they have to do something, they always settle for mediocrity.
People who do not have purpose in life get less out of life. The concept of satisfaction cannot be found in their vocabulary because first and foremost, they have no goals to reach and no wants to be satisfied. Since they do not have any goals, they do not take any action. Since they do not appreciate life, they just sit down in the couch the whole day while nothing happens. Taking no action means no accomplishments and achievements. This makes life meaningless and colourless. People whose lives are meaningless to them hate and curse life. People who find life as colourless find no happiness in anything.People who do not have purpose in life can snatch themselves from that meaningless life. They just need to identify their personal values in order to be happy and have a colourful life. Identifying one’s personal values means deciding what is the most important in life. Through personal values, directionless people can be able to identify the purpose and meaning of their existence. If these are identified and clarified, they will know what course to take, what job to pursue or what business to establish. With the right set of personal values, they are able to get balance and control. Personal values guide humans in deciding, thus, they will probably attain fulfillment and end up getting the most out of life.

Finding your personal values is not a difficult task. You can find it with yourself. You do not need other people to help you identify them. Just take time with yourself and start to think about the beliefs or philosophy that you consider as great tools for a successful life. In addition, you ponder on the traits and qualities that you consider worthwhile. Then, you set desirable standards that you have to live by. If you are able to do this, a motivating force inside will start to grow. Because of this force, you will now attach meaning and worth to all things. Thus, inner happiness comes up; confidence is levelled up; and greater personal awareness is boosted up.

If you want to get the most of life, carefully identify and implement your set of personal values. If you want to get less out of life, do nothing. It is a matter of choice. Now, after reading this, it is your choice to make a difference or just stay the way you had lived life complacently.



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2 responses to “Getting Less Or More Out Of Life

  1. uzu mercilina

    Inspiring and motivating

  2. Emilia

    Educating and well explanatory Thanks

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