Sex Cartel Imported From China To Lagos Nigeria

Lagos home where Nigerian leaders, expatriates pay $1000 per round of sex with teenage Chinese girls

Recent discovery by Saturday Sun has revealed that it is not only Chinese products that are flooding  Nigeria’s market. Teenage Chinese girls are also now flown into the country to satisfy the sexual urge of big time spenders and thereby bringing a new dimension to the age long prostitution business.
Ironically, while Chinese products are the cheapest in Nigerian markets, only the rich and other high net worth individuals can afford the commercial sex service provided by these Chinese girls.
Saturday Sun investigations revealed that a Chinese couple is running the sex ring from a twin duplex building and another two flats service apartments on Emina Crescent, off Toyin Street, in Ikeja, Lagos State. The two buildings are a few poles apart.
Findings further revealed that over 40 Chinese girls are camped in the two apartments, where top government functionaries, business executives and expatriates pick them for a fee not less than $1, 000 for a round of sex or $2, 500 for long hours, such as overnight sex romps.
Weeks of monitoring and investigation of the syndicate also revealed that about 15 of the girls camped in the flats are usually moved from that location at about 6pm daily to join the others camped in the twin duplex on the same street, from where big clients will either come or send their drivers to pick them. Two chauffeur-driven vehicles dedicated to this task include a cream Toyota Sienna bus and a black Nissan Infiniti SUV, both registered in Lagos. Usually, it’s always a beehive of activities on the street in the evening, as state-of-the-art cars come and go with the girls.
A source within the syndicate told Saturday Sun that the teenage girls are recruited by the Chinese couple through their partners in China, with the promise of factory jobs in Chinese firms in Nigeria and all expenses paid holidays. Thereafter, fake documents are prepared for the girls and with the connivance of embassy officials, short-term visas are granted them.  It was further learnt that some of the girls are packaged to travel from China to some other African countries, from where they are smuggled into the country.  The source: “Some of the girls were brought in through Ethiopia. I can’t explain how, but I know Master travel there often.  More often, most of the girls usually sourced from poor homes are only made to face the reality after some days in Nigeria when they would have seen how the other girls they meet on ground count dollars every morning when they come back from ‘night duty.’ The sight of dollars and other free gifts they are exposed to have a way of forcing them to fall in line quickly. “Sometimes, you have some of the girls that may want to prove stubborn, the ‘Master’ (as the sex cartel kingpin is referred to by his Nigerian domestic aides while the girls call him “Boss”) will start by forcing such to drink hot drinks, like Hennessy or Champagne and smoke cigarette. Some will vomit all through the night after being forced to take more than their strength can take. “The Master can thereafter decide to initiate such stubborn girls by sleeping with them himself and in the process will beat them seriously in the night to make them succumb.” Saturday Sun further gathered that the kingpin of the ring, who is assisted by his wife and two other Chinese young men, in addition to about five Nigerian domestic aides, who either serve as drivers or cleaners, make an average of $100,000 in a week on the 40 girls, as all services, both long and short term sex, are paid for in dollars. “The girls are entitled to half of what they get from the men while our Master takes the remaining half, as return on his investments on them. The girls cannot afford to play smart because they don’t understand English language, which is the language of many of the customers. He and his wife are also in control of their international passports and telephones. They help the girls to reply text messages sent to them in English by customers because the girls don’t understand English, while the customers think they are chatting with the girls sometimes it is the Master and his wife that they are actually chatting with,” the source disclosed. He added that the demand for the girls is usually high between Friday and Sunday, while the demand for week days, from Monday to Thursday, only takes care of about half of the girls. According to the source, “the girls can go as many as seven rounds of sex overnight because they are very young and that is why our Master gives them up to 20 pieces of imported Chinese condoms any time they are going out with a customer. Apart from their ability for many rounds of sex, they are also under instruction from the Master  to always wear two condoms any time they are having sex because of the fear of HIV/AIDS.”
It was also learnt that requests for the Chinese girls come from high quarters across the country. “The Master and madam travel with the girls to supply to some highly placed people in Abuja, Kaduna, Kano, Port Harcourt and other places in all parts of the country, but because we don’t go with them on such trips, we don’t know how much is charged for that, but it can’t be less than $5, 000,” the source added. To cover their tracks, the couple behind the sex cartel had to seal the windows in the apartments where the girls are camped with acoustic materials, so that no voice can be heard from neighbouring premises, while the vehicles used to move the girls are also tinted, to shield them from being noticed. The two premises are also devoid of movements, while only eagle-eyed domestic aides are stationed outside the gates to monitor movements and attend to enquiries from prospective customers.
As at press time, Saturday Sun was unable to get spokesman for the immigration service in Lagos, but a senior immigration officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the service is poised to rid Nigeria of any immigrant who fails to abide by the country’s laws. “We have repatriated a lot of them. The security situation in the country is in a precarious state and the Nigerian immigration would do all it takes to reduce to its barest minimum the number of illegal immigrants and those who fraudulently find their way into Nigeria. We will also welcome any information that can help us to achieve this aim,” he added.
….Culled from Sun

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