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Leave Yesterday’s Mistakes In The Past… And Bring The Lessons With You So That You Will Not Repeat Them

“They are the prudent who leave behind yesterday’s mistakes in complete self-forgiveness, but for the lessons they learned from them, and to then face each new dawn as if it were their very first.” – unattributed

I probably made some mistakes yesterday, and most likely will make more today. I may have said some things that would have been better off not being said, and done some things I wish I had done differently. Still tomorrow will come–and it is up to me how I choose to face the day ahead of me. The mistakes of yesterday are in the past, and with the right attitude and some effort, today will find us making fewer.
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Tips for protecting your Social-Media accounts from hackers

This piece provides some tips on ways social media accounts can be prevented from being hacked

Social media account protection and privacy came to the spotlight again on February 1 when Twitter announced that hackers had gained access to information, including user names and email addresses,  of about 250,000 users’ accounts. Continue reading

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President Goodluck Jonathan’s Grammatical Boo-Boos

For those who don’t know, “boo-boo” is an informal American English term for “an embarrassing mistake.” Every Nigerian knows that good grammar isn’t President Goodluck Jonathan’s strong suit. I was probably the first to publicly call attention to this fact in my April 16, 2010 article about then Acting President Jonathan’s visit to the US.

In the article, titled “Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, that was embarrassing,” I observed, among other things, that during the Q and A session at the Council on Foreign Relations Jonathan “couldn’t articulate a coherent thought, hardly made a complete sentence, went off on inconsequential and puerile tangents, murdered basic grammar with reckless abandon, repeated trifles ad nauseam, was embarrassingly stilted, and generally looked and talked like a timid high school student struggling to remember his memorized lines in a school debate.” I concluded that he was “unfathomably clueless” and not “emotionally and socially prepared for the job of a president–yet.”

Almost three years after, the president hasn’t changed a bit.

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Must-have Job Skills in 2013 By Ruth Mantell

The ability to quickly respond to an employer’s changing needs will be important next year as organizations try to respond nimbly to customers.

Even as employers remain cautious next year about every dollar spent on employees, they’ll also want workers to show greater skills and results. Continue reading

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Ten ways to stay debt free this year and beyond

Staying debt free is never an easy option and for most people overspending each month is the norm. Using these 10 tips may help you to stay debt free this year and in the future.

Ditch the credit card

Credit and store cards will eat your money if you don’t pay them off every month. Interest charges basically mean you are giving lenders your hard earned salary.

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Beware: Mobile Phones Contain More Germs Than A Toilet Seat

Researchers have discovered that mobile phone carry more bacteria than you will find in a toilet.

The research test shows that there was up to 10 times the amount of bugs which can cause nausea and stomach problems than were present in a lavatory.

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Skip breakfast and risk diabetes, doctor warns

Dr Ibukunolu Oluwaseye of Excellence Health Foundation, Jos, has said that people who regularly skip breakfast risk developing Type 2 diabetes.

Oluwaseye said regular skipping of breakfast increased the risk of Type 2 diabetes because the hormone insulin, which is responsible for processing blood sugar, was secreted mainly in the morning.

“If you constantly skip breakfast, the secretion of the insulin is discouraged; this begins with the secretion of a minimal quantity of insulin and it might lead to the eventual stoppage of the production of insulin. Continue reading


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Facebook: A Danger That Disguise As Fun!


The most popular social networking site among teenagers is Facebook, which is used by 7% of teens who use social networks. Facebook, once a closed system limited to school and college communities, has recently become more open. Facebook puts a greater emphasis on actually knowing the people that you connect with. Other social networks used by teenagers include Xanga, Yahoo and Bebo and even Badoo.

Positives and Negatives

Apart from the social benefits, social networking sites can be used to document school research, promote artistic talents and experiment with other forms of content creation. They provide a way to interact with others who share the same interests and to get constructive feedback on ongoing projects. Continue reading

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Eating After 7p.m. Can Increase Sugar Level, Nutritionist Warns

A Nutritionist with the Wuse General Hospital (Abuja -Nigeria), Hajiya Jummai Hassan, has said that eating after 7 p.m can increase a person’s sugar level.

She said in Abuja on Tuesday that “When you eat after 7 p.m, your sugar level will go up and that it is not good for any body’s health.

“If for instance you have to fast for blood sugar test the next day, you will find out that your sugar level has exceeded the normal level.

“The best and ideal time for dinner should not be later than 7 p.m.” Continue reading

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Eating To Prevent Cancer

What one eats or does not eat has a powerful effect on one’s health, including the risk of cancer. A medical expert, Dr. Ima Kashim, said that for many health conditions, especially chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, joint disorders, and certain cancers, the means of preventing their onset and managing them is to change your lifestyle.

She said that without knowing it, a person may be eating many foods that fuel cancer, while neglecting the powerful foods and nutrients that can protect one from it. Continue reading

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